I was bored sat night after the “football game”..and started reading a book I have had for about 10 years..its called an introduction to viking mythology…and since when I was tracing my family roots into our Irish history I found out that we aren’t Irish..we’re vikings..the roycroft’s came over to england some time in the 400’s…we were raping and pilliaging but one of my long ago kinfolk decided that he liked it there and fought for some duke…stayed there for a long time and then they started having relgious wars and we got tossed out of england into Ireland…and after awhile we pissed enough people off that they tossed us out of Ireland too..some went to australia, some went to canada and some came to texas…any how I figured if we started out as vikings I could probably find a nice viking goddess to worship…and I did..her name is Freya…she is the goddess of sex…Her chariot was pulled by either her boar Hildisvini or by a number of cats. She owned a falcon coat which she could use to fly around the world in the guise of that bird..Horses were involved with her cult, for reasons, it appears, of orgiastic sex. Besides her role in terms of sex and beauty she had a somewhat grimmer aspect, because she often led parties of Valkyries down to fetch the dead from battlebields, bringing them back to her hall so that they could enjoy all the benefits of the afterlife.
(im doing this in two parts as i have deleted it once already as Im trying to copy it out of book and book is huge)


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