It is soo cool to drive down the little streets of west by god texas this time of year..all the telephone poles have czech flags or west fest signs on them…we have the big banner across the street when you first drive down oak stree(main street)..announces that west fest is coming and the date..since i havent heard anything about the reunion i may actually stay here and go to it this year..especially friday night, just to hear asleep at the wheel..saw them at antone’s in austin years ago and would like to see them again..plus brave combo is playing again…they have played every year since the first one and they are a trip…and i have a brave combo tshirt that i can wear…
my favorite time of year here in west is a toss up between holloween and christmas…holloween all the houses are decorated and each year they do more to go all out for decorations and give out great candy..think west has the best candy give away any where…plus they have a big candy give away at the volunteer fire station and another one at city hall…but christmas is so cool .all the business have strings of clear lights across the tops of the buildings and they link up all across town..all the poles are decorated with wreaths..there are decorated trees in the windows of the 2 banks, blow up santa”s on top of the tiger shop..and there are so many beautifully decorated houses all over town that you can go out on an evening and drive up and down the streets and see house after house decororated for christmas. even the poorest looking house has a tree in the window and lights on the porch…only thing that i dont like is they start right after thanksgiving …and some before..i used to have my little house decorated in chili peppers every year..but they finally croaked and i sent the chili pepper covers to my daugher in san francisco..so west does it up good for christmas…wish you were here to see it…
oops, have to run..henrietta just remember she has a kiwana’s meeting and im in charge…see ya’ll later.


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