I dont know if anyone has been following this in the news, but there is a documentary type movie where all these wonderful commedians tell the same joke that has the same beginning and ending, but they change the middle…it is supposed to be some of the rankest, dirtiest, nastiest joke ever told and each teller is ickier than the last…the beginning is a guy or girl goes into a talent agent’s office and says he has this fantastic new uses all of his family, wife husband, son, daughter, grand parents and the dog..(or cat etc.) and the guy says that is fantastic, we can always use a new family act..and then the joke is :what ever you want it to be…they can do anything and everything to make the middle of the joke..then after you finish the ending is and the talent guy says and what is the name of this goup and the person says:the aristicrats….
i want to see this movie in the worse way..there is no rating..the guy who put it together said enough warning has been sent out that they should know what they are getting into if they see the movie…so what im doing is challenging my fellow bloggers to a contest…who can tell the best joke using that or a better beginning and that ending…a??/ i personally think sooner would win this one hands down or maybe danny….im going to think and think and figure out my middle of the joke…but any one up for the challenge/???????
i think it would be lots of fun…and maybe we can make the aristicrats part 2 movie…ha…let me know….who is up for the first one???


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