saint mary’s is building a parish center…they had a mass there and everything…going to have4 class rooms, a meeting room , a 150 seat cafeteria, a 1,588 square foot kitchen, a small concession stand and a regulation size gymnasium, which will be a multi=purpose facility which can also be used to seat 512 people with table and chairs on the gym floor..roll out bleachers in the gum will seat 650 fans..also boys and girls locker rooms and restrooms…cost.??$2.2 million and just over $1 million has been raised…
we are also in the process of buildign an assisted living center. more news on that one later..
greg nors is the new postmaster ..he is the one that agreed that i should just kick the new neighbors ass and get a pos box..i like him..but since all this happened so far the new neighbors have just been nice and nice can be..maybe someone told them i was nuts and to kiss up to me as much as possible…hm…the catholic daughters are having a bake sale to raise money.the west rodeo was a huge success…we have had one birth, one death this week..one engagement and one anniversary..the guy that died is younger than me and that always makes me nervous…i forgot all about the rodeo and missed the parade..damn, wanted to see if the drunk cowboys would stick to the trail they had laid out for them and if any fell off their horses…
paper is full of classes of kindergardeners…they all look so sweet..most classes are about 15-19..guess that isnt too many..three different classes are having reunion…1965, 1980 and 1990..entries for bicycles for the west parade..our little parade is really a pretty big deal..we usually have some republican big wig that rides in the lead car..they all throw out candy to the kids…i may throw rocks this year..my patience is wearing thin…
same ole same ole…nothing changes much in west..they did do some rebuilding on the hard ware store and the lumber company…lots of competion between those two business’s..hardware put in a small lumber shop and the lumber company put in a garden shop…i expect them to meet at noon by the gazebo and draw down on each other any day now…
if i dont go to the reunion i will go to the west fest and take pictures..think sooner scan he would put them in for me..and going to get him to do some now too…


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