all this talk of me playing pool made me remember my best game ever….and no one saw me make the eight ball..i was drunk in some bar in alberqurque new mexico and playing for money so i was dead serious..but dressed to kill…had on a see thru blouse(this was the 70’s) with pockets that were supposed to cover my tata’s…(no tits, tata’s are tiny titties, tits are for my size) suppposed to cover my tits..but when i leaned over to shoot all bets were least as far as my tits were concerned…any how..i was playing for $50 and had ran the table and had snookered myself on the 8 ball…it was all the way down at the end of the table, almost dead center of the table.surrounded by the other players balls…story of my i walked around the table and looked at the shot from every angle…and had garnered quite a crowd. me being stupid of course thought they were drawn by my exceptional skill on the table..finally i called the left hand rear pocket..leaned over and slid that cue ball between 2 balls, clipped the eight and it cruised right into the pocket…i mean it was a hell of a shot…i looked up to see the looks on everyone’s know the one where they all are standing in awe of my magical playing abilities??? yeah, right..they were all still looking at my tits..not one of them saw the guy walked up to me and said “i saw the shot and it was terrific”.. i said”how come you saw it and no one else did”? and he smiled and said “im gay”…


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