“The ashes of iconoclastic journalist Hunter S. Thompson were to be fired out of 153-foot tower saturday evening in fron of a star-studded crowd at his Owl Farm compund in Colorado.The counerculture author killed himslef 6 moths ago at his home near Aspen.The tower was intentionally built just taller than the Statue of Liberty, and Mr.Thompson’s wife, Anita said it was modeled after her the writer’s “gonzo”logo:a clinched fist, made symmetrical with two thumbs, rising from the hilt of a dagger.The memorial was expected to be a party, with plenty of alcohol, reminiscences, readings from Mr. Thompson’s works and performances by Lyle Lovett and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. About 250 people were invited, including Mr. Thompson’s long time illustrator, Ralph Steadman, and actor Johnny Depp, a close friend who protaryed Mr. Thompson in the movie versionof the writer’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas…”
by by old friend….reading about Duke in Doonsebury will never be the same again…


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