Henrietta is filling empty egg shells with confetti for west fest and im helping her tend the library. some lady came in and got a bunch of audio tapes and had a janet ivanovich and i said you are going to love it, she is so funny and there is a grandma in there that will make you laugh out loud..she went back and checked out 2 more by felt like i had done my good job for the day..henrietta in a nice way(huh) reminded me that i was not suppposed to have an opinon about books. couldnt reccomend or show support for any one book. said that was ok cause i was a volunteer and it wasent a real job for me..she got that tight look around her mouth again and then smiled…heehee. i love making her do that thing with her mouth..heehee. any way…..the real story here is that we started talking about politics( i said i would never recommend political type books for fear of pissing everyone off as i was probably the only democrat in town) she said nope..that the town voted almost over whelmingly for kerry..i fell off my chair..i said what????? no way. these people are all right wing wing nuts for george bush..she said nope..check it out…i havent yet, because im afraid she was wrong and dont want to kill the buzz ihave going too soon…can you believe that..?? im going to go check it out..have been on line checking out joe don looney all morning…thanks to my son soonerboy i have been laughing my butt off all day..i love and miss joe don looney…hail the hero…


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