Well, i finally wore her down..my daughter is now a blogger…and not afraid to let anyone know who she is kin to..she is mojo32 and her blog is entitled YELLOWDOG GRANNY IS MY MOTHER…brave kid..sooner and babs have welcomed her with open arms…she has already had to listen to me rave on about my “buds” here in bloggerville and tried to explain soonerville to her but could mentally picture her eyes glazing over..she’s always had the ability to write”good” and expect her to have fun with this…but she does have a very full life…does more in one day than i do in a week…which is why i spend so much time with you all…(all ya’ll).just so you will know what kind of mind you will be dealing with (other than she is my only daughter)..when we were living in calif we had a townhouse apt..2 beds, 2 baths upstairs..down stairs was bath,living room dinning room and large kitchen…we have always been a going to the movie family…and we had gone to see High Anxiety with mel brooks as he is one of my hero’s..now if you havent seen the movie it is a spoof on all the hitchcock movies…and mel and some flunky are in this room and some one throws a rock thru the window…flunky says i got it…and reads the note…etc ….each time a rock gets thrown thru another window it gets bigger..and he always says “i got it” and picks it up ..by the time the last one is thrown it is a bolder the size of a washing machine.and he says I got it and is staining and grunting and carrying on..this is all thru the movie…so the next day after the boys have gone to school it is just mojo and I..im in kitchen fixing lunch she is in down stairs bathroom going to the bathroom and I hear in a strained voice..”I got it…”…..”nope, I dont got it”…………..
“i got it”…….”nope, I dont got it”…this goes on for 3-4 minutes and then finally I hear “ahhhhh, I got it”…and could hear this splash….I fell in the floor laughing my ass off…she was 2 years old…funny kid even then…that’s my girl..


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