i feel guilty..while mississippi, la, and other parts of the south are getting wailed on by katrina i had a most excellent day..and i really feel guilty..seems bad somehow to have such a great day while people are losing their homes and lives…
but i still had a good day.we are actually experiencing fall weather here in the little town of west…then monday morning my friend debi and her niece came by as i had checked out janet ivanovich’s latest book for them to read…gave her some friendship bracelets that i had braided, a journal for her daughter samantha along with some old rock and roll cassetts..oingo boingo, morrisey, u2, dead kennedys, dead milkmen(????? names may be wrong), ziggy marley and some others..and got invited to a bbq next monday at their place out in the country..goodie..
we also talked about when the giant great dane “baby” adopted that was nice…then went to the library where henrietta had cataloged the historian and i got to be the first one to read it..its about drakula, vlad the far it is really good. but as big as a dictionary…then i spent 4 hours here in the library catching up on blogs and posting new blogs which is getting to be more fun all the time…but beginning to think it is a little weird that you folks are starting to take up more of my time and feelings than friends and family…oh well…
then i went and bought 2 disposeable cameras and going to go around town and take pictures and take them at west fest and get them on my blog site if it kills me..took picture of the gigantic czech flag that is flying down at bolton’s chevy dealership…big ass flag..usually it is the texas flag waving but for west fest the czech flag goes up..and man the clouds..they were just beautiful yesterday and today also…i love texas clouds..then watched the monday night football game til it was a rout and then watched the rest of prison break….yeah right…that could happen…speaking of which ..what ever happened to juday tanuda…she was soooo funny and i miss her..dont you know she would have some great things to say about what is going on in the news today? then i watched letterman which was really good. had great top ten list of why bush knows he’s having a bad vacation…pretty damn funny. then john macenro was on and he was good. then andy dick got on and we found out why his last name is “dick”…what a putz…
but the capper of the night was a 2 hour rock and roll documentary on “queen”…it was soo good..miss freddy it was a great day and night..then i turn on news this am and the horrow and distruction in mississippi was heart breaking..and i have friends that live near new orleans and cant get a hold of her..and doesnt mentalheathrn live in mississippi? how is she…has anyone heard…well, so ate up with guilt for having a good day. going to go to church and light some more candles…maybe redo my check book and see if i cant come up with another $10 for red cross…


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