sometimes you gotta just laugh and walk away…this was in dallas am news yesterday…

How do you silence Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson? you pull the plug during his band’s show, of course.Sharon Osbourne, wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, admitted she cut the band’s power during a concert on this summer’s Ozzfest tour.”yes, I did cut Iron Maiden’s sound,” Ms.Osbourne said in a letter to Iron Maiden’s manager, Rod Smallwood. Among other misdeeds, she accused Mr. Dickinson of bad-mouthing her husband from the stage throughout the tour. During the same show this month, Iron Maiden’s memebers were pelted with eggs and debris from the crowd.”was Dickinson so naive to think that I was going to let him get away with talking (shit) about my family night after night?” Mr. Smallwood, on Iron Maiden’s web site, said the band deserved an apology.

yeah, there’s a big chance of Sharon saying im sorry to them…heehee..more like fuck you very much….

people are funny


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