well, im laughing so hard im hysterical…eveyone at the libary is laughing with me even though they havent a clue..they dont know that im laughing cause i have done fucked up big time…as eveyone knows i was to go to the reunion this weekend in mesquite, texas…where allllllll of my kinfolk think bush is the second coming…and i had talked to my cousin bruce yesterday and by the time i got thru talking to him i was fit to be tied..bush this bush that..yea bush…fuck me till im deaf blind and out of the will…so i write an email to my cousin michael who’s last name is nash…and rant and rave about our right wing nutcase relatives and how they all make my ass hurt and dont want to go to the reunion cause if i have to listen to them go on about their ole buddy bush i would go redneck and hurt some one…and signed it fuck fuck fuck…and then sent it to my “other” cousin who’s last name is nash and is a chaplain…just as i hit send i saw the bill nash instead of michael nash…i tried to unsend it, but no way…so that is when i burst into hysterical laughter and keep saying oh god, what have i done. what have i done..laughing my ass off..had to laugh, crying wasent going to bring that fucking email back…so then i sent another email to bill nash and said…”oops, as you can see this was meant for michael not you”…”sorry”…no word yet…but think my days of being invited to any more family reunions is going to be slim and none..oh, lordy im still laughing….fuck fuck fuck…


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