issue is whether to curb, legitimize shops that sell medical marijuana…
san francisco…Kevin Reed has a broad smile as he watches a stream of many as 300 a day..examine the neatly displayed merchandise at his Green Cross medical-marijuana dispensary.
Several dozen large glass jars, stuffed with green buds and labeled with names such as “juicy fruit” and “wonder woman”, sit on the counter in the narrow San Francisco shop that shares the block with a hair salon and Irish bar(figures. heehee)An extensive price list on a large white board starts at $40 for an eight of an ounce.
Mr. Reed and 40 other pot-club operators are at the center of a raging debate over who, if anyone, should regulate them…a subject that grew hazier in June when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that medicinal-marijuana laws in a dozen states including California do not protect users or suppliers from federal proscecution.

there is more to the article which was in the sat. Dallas Morning News in the Nation/World case you want to finish reading it…but the pictures of the buds are unbelievable..
my daughter when she first got to calif. because she had so much trouble with anxiety, panic attacks, etc. got a marijuana medicinal card..she could grow it and smoke it…she lived in mendicino county and everyone including the lawyers, and a few judges grew it…that was the cash crop…and one thing you learned right away…dont tresspass….
wonder if they hunt arrowheads too…


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