i was watching mr. rogers the other afternoon and learned how to make was that cool…
so anyhow, im watching pbs the other night and there is a show on willa cather…talked about how she was having turmoil and went to the edge of the desert to find listen to her inner voices, to find inspiration, know ..get her shit that got me to thinking about my going off to the edge of the desert and trying to find my inner self, listen to the voices..get my shit together…so to speak…well, i may be in texas..but there isnt a desert close by…im in central texas…so no desert…so i got in my truck last night and drove to the edge of town..out toward tokio, texas…pulled the truck out my blanket, pillow and 6-pack of dublin dr.pepper and got comfy…was going to commune with nature and find myself…

well, what i found was a fucking red ant pile…9,783 fucking mosquiteo’s, gnats up the ass, and a dead something that had been ripping for about a week..when i jumped up off the blanket to get away from the ants is when i found the stinging nettles..which led me to falling into the dead thing…so i had not only found myself, i had found myself in a fucking mess…the only inner voice i heard was my own, telling me to get the fuck back to town and dont forget the damn dr.pepper’s..
so after a nice hot bath, followed by a calomine wash down, 2 dr.peppers and a dish of blue bell ice cream..i had discovered something important…getting your shit together is not important if you not only cant lift it, you have no place to take it..
so for all you people that need a mantra like mine..its ommmmmmmmmidontgiveafuckkkkkkkkk…


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