got up this morning and have little sparks of darkness in the right corner of my right eye…little floaty things..and a splitting head for some people head aches are no big deal..but with me..its a big deal..i dont have head aches…i am a carrier…i give em…not get them..and its only over the right eye..and right side of my head..where the little floaty things are..and if i look down there are floaty things there too.. what the fuck..????and kinda have sorta double vision..and reading this crap ain’t making it any going to blow off blogging and reading blogs and go home and eat some blue bell ice cream and wash it down with a dublin dr.pepper…maybe its from all the screaming i did during the cowboy game and the screaming during the eagle game…heehee..there is a goodess and she hates the eagles too..fuckers…ok..see you all tomorrow at 10am texas time…


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