salt, salt shaker, dr.pepper, all blue bell packages, and all the oil in the wok…ok…so im back on the stupid fucking tuna fish, salad, jello, yogurt, fruit and veggies…lucky for me i love all this stuff.but also loved everything fried…..but until i get my blood pressure and weight down i have to forgo anything that takes salt or grease…hell, i boil my tea bags in canola…
ok, this is the haps…came to the library last thursday and read all the sweet comments and got all tearyeyed and wrote this great thank you card to all of you and promised to go to the drs. and then the server went down..almost had another stoke..huh huh…
and sat i was going to come but felt sort of like hammered shit and said fuckit and stayed in bed…kind of did a few days of whinny feeling sorry for myself..then said fuck it, that went to dr. today and got free blood pressure meds…and perscriptions for them and will go thurs am to senior center where they are helping people get on the free meds program..but the dr. said as long as he had free ones he would give them to me…i had described to him how i felt something coming on while i was watching the cowboys play and then again when the eagles you know i get as much enjoyment out of their losing as much as i do the cowboys he suggested until i get my pressure back to watch pbs and let the cowboys win or lose with out me…doh..but they are playing the skins tonight and they are inducting the tripples into the ring of honor…so i will watch but will not cheer or yell and scream…i will sit there quietly and just enjoy the game for what it is…a sport….ok, so ill watch pbs…
maryjo called me last night and you would not belive what sick puppies we are..she was on line reading stuff on the computer about symptoms of a mini stoke and i was pretending to have all of them…we especially got a great laugh out of the “do you have problems remembering things”? and i said..”and who am i talking to again?..”..and would keep calling her by different names..we were laughing so hard..told her it would give her good memories of me when i did croak. about how we sat around and laughed and made jokes of my strokes…we are so sick…would like to have listened to her explain what she was laughing so hard about to her her boyfriend…”oh, we were making fun of mom and her stroke symptoms..”…
so anyhow im back in the swing..still have a head ache over my right eye and floaty things and little flashes of light but think it will disapate when i get on the blood pressure meds..cause im not going to er..and have them poke and prod me and make me take a cat scan…rocky looked me over last night and said i looked fit to him.
going to start walking in the mornings too…till i get my blood pressure down i dont want to do to much exericise..but figure i can handle walking..will go up to the high school and walk on the track before the kids get on it…well, have to read all the blogs that i missed while i was gone…thanks again for all the support and good wishes…jac


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