west high school won their homecoming game 35-33..was a really good game..we are now 2-1..hot damn…we had a bon fire and even a little parade..
the hurricane relief effort from out little town came out to be a big thing…over 80 pallets of stuff.have already sent it off..we had over 220 volunteers to help get it sorted, crated and sent off..make me proud of them…we are still raising money.haveing bake sales, auctions and one hair salon is giving $7 haircuts and all the money goes to the relief fund..pretty cool.
jeanette karlic who writes a little column for them paper went to the czech republic, poland and austria…they said the peole were wonderful except for the ones in austria..were very rude..loved the food..but said the hotels food was pretty weird..lots of meat for breakfast and tang for orange juice..but she said the country was beautiful…the villages and little towns were wonderful to visit and they had a great time..said they will go back but not to austria…also said because of the water shortage everyone kind of stunk…i would imagine…isnt that why the french wear perfume and cologne..??
we had one marriage, 2 engagements, 6 birthdays, and 4 deaths…not much going on in west..most people are still recovering from west fest…
did anyone watch the higher gound concert on pbs..? man was it terrific..4 1/2 hours of music..jazz, blues, gospels, and humor..robin williams said the same thing i did that they needed to name the hurricanes some tough names to really scare people into leaving the area..said they should call it hurricane maryjo….i cracked up..if he only knew…but then maybe he does…bette midler sang “is that all there is”, and man was it great…and diane krall sang beale street…bill cosby got up and tried to make a point about something but i never could figure out what the fuck he was talking about…think he is taking too much viagra…
This was in the dallas morning news…quotes from people frome la and miss missing their “food”…
“somebody send me a freakin’ po’boy. Fat chance, in Dallas.They dont even have french bread out here. And while you’re down there, get me a snowball from sugar shack”…message from kjtstb79 on nola.com message board for St. Bernard Parish news.
“i got red beans and rice up her in Ps. and it was dry flavorless baked beans and minute rice with a cut in half hot dog on the side..I really almost cried.” reply from apple eye…

“in 1927, all the railroads were underwater.The raods were underwater. Air travel was not adequate to carry enourmous freight, and yhet they were able to supply these 700.000 people with fewer problems than they did today..This made (commence secretary herbert) Hoover presdent, ’cause he handled it so well.”..john barry.author of “rising tide:the great mississippi flood of 1927 and how it changed american.”..
well, i just happened to watch a pbs special on the great flood of 1927 and the only reason it went so fucking well is because the police held shot guns to the heads of all the local negroes to make them dig dirt and fill sand bags..all the life stock died from no food or drink, and that is when all the black people decided to pack up their shit and move to chicago…not that i can blame them…all the people that were rescued from the roofs of their houses were white people..when they got saved then they went to rescue the black people..so it looks like things havent changed much in 78 years…fuckers..

i watched million dollar baby sat night..why didnt someone tell me i would cry like a baby thru the ending of the movie..wow, what a great movie..clint eastwood is fantastic..the music was the best too..everything about it was soo good..just wish they had stuck a happy ending on it..well, maybe not..

want you all to know that things are back to normal and leave this post with my favorite moment of the week..they were showing all these rescued animals and all the people that were saving them.etc…had a great moment where they reunited a man and his siamese cat. after 4 weeks he drove 10 hours straight from dallas to new orleans to get his cat back…he was hugging the guy that saved his cat and then opened up the cage and drug the cat out and was crying and hugging and weeping his little cats name(romeo) and was such a touching moment..and the cat looked like he wanted to bite the guy in the face..anyone that has ever owned a cat knows that cat was thinking”where the fuck have you been for 4 fucking weeks?…you asshole, leave me here in this flooded city with no food, no water and i have been forced to catch and kill my own food and scrounge arouond for water and then here you come waltzing back in after 4 fucking weeks to be the big saviour…bite me you ragincayjun asshole.”
yup, im back…


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