anyone want their horoscope profile done? i have a great book that is pretty complete about horoscope characteristics…like mine..
says i am strong, passionate, resourceful, mysterious, magnetic and hard-to-fathom…this sign(scorpio) is supposed to represent the wizards of the zodiac.scorpio men and women are born with extraordianr insight, an ability often to see into the very souls of others, expecially when in a tight spot. The tighter and more threatening a situation, the more acute this gift becomes.A scorpio person faced with imminent betrayal, dishonesty or deception is very rarely misled.Not many people have the inner strength and resources to withstand Scorpio’s intense and penetrating gaze withut wavering. retreating, or giving the game away..The tiny scorpion and the high flying eagle represent the dual sides of the scorpio nature.scorpio men and women are highly motivated, gifted and briliant, compassionate and world-serving, self-sacrificing and loyal. and, as has always been so characteristic of this sign, they are nobody’s fool..
there is lots more..each sign is really detailed if you want to know about your sign…email me and i will do it for you…if not…i will sting yo ass..

i was in one of my psycho moods last night..after seeing the opener of the new season of was good..i love that show….really really love that show…i mean it..really…
anyhow i was all tweeked about it and decided to play music instead of watching more tv..and here is what the psycho scorpio listened to…
otis reading…singing my favorite..Ive ben loving you too long..
the santo domingo de selos singing gregorian chants…they are monks from spain and i love to listen to the gregorian chants…mellows me out somehow..but to curb my mellowness i also listened to dean martin singing return to me and the rest of his hits..and topped it off with george jones singing she thinks i still care and the song i want played at my funeral…walk thru this world with me…
topped it off with some letterman..some craig ferguson and read till 6am…fuck ..i hate not being able to sleep…maybe that is why im so wacko today..just have this urge to kick someones ass…maybe ill go out to 1-35 and stop cars and ask them who they voted for..if they voted for bush i will jerk them out of the car and tell them it was much safer to wait out rita at home that to run into hurricane jackiesue…oh well…just wait out the storm i guess…maybe its the air pressure differences or something that has made me nuts…atmosphereic pressures are fucking with my head… just nuts…


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