i think rita is heading back to la…and going to hit around beaumont, texas. so far..but west is in central texas and about 89 miles from think we are pretty safe..going to tie down my stuff on the porch just to be safe..but if it his east of where it was suppossed to we will be ok…but it was soooo weird to be watching tv and have them show hurricane watch in the left hand of the screen..weird..tornado watch and thunderstorm watch but whoooo hurricane watch..wreaky..

well there is more stupid stuff in paper..and baylor university is running in first place..

WACO… coffee cups with an author’s quote about growing up gay have been pulled from Baylor University’s Starbucks..
Dining contractor Aramark pulled the cups from the campus store this month after an email sent to Baylor’s dining service said the quote was inappropriate at a Baptist university.
Aramark, which oversees the coffee outlet, consulted with Starbuck’s district office and removed the cups to avoid offending others.Baylor officials said.
“My understanding is it was a decision made by Baylor dining services staff, and I’ve not yet been able to trace it back to any Baylor administrators telling them point-blank to pull the cup,”Baylor spokesman Larry Brumley said.”I think they wer trying to be sensitive.”
The quote from novelist Armistead Maupin reads:”my only regret about geing gay is that I repressed it for so long.I surrendereed my youth to the people i feared when I could have been out ther loving someone. Don’t make that mistake yhourself.Live’s too damn short.”

well….excuuuuuuuussssse me..fuckers..

Saudi fighters make up only about 1 percent of Iraq’s insurgency, but each contributes thousands of dollars to the cause..and they make sure their roles as “martyrs” are now when they carry out sucide attacks..

yup saudi’s…bush’s buddys…the one he holds hands with when they come to texas..and he rolls out the red carpet for…fuckers..

and can anyone tell me why my urine smells weird after i eat asparagus?


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