i love being an iconoclast…no, virginia there is no santa claus, no easter bunny, no tooth fairy and the president of the united states is a stupid asshole…

well, as you all can imagine..im a most happy camper…the dallas cowboys pulled another win out of their ass and nearly gave me the “big one elizabeth”…i think i told you that my son thom and his lovely wife candy(huh huh)..went to san francisco to visit marjo and see the cowboys play the niners…well, she called me during the game and they were loosing..it was such a dismal phone call..fuck damn shit..but they rallied and then rallied again..by the time the game was over i had paced about 6 miles from the chair to the kitchen to the bathroom back and forth..turned the tv off 7-8 times..was going nuts. all the while telling my self to calm the fuck down, easy girl…whoa, settle down…man, if this keeps up i’ll never make it thru the season..but the good news is ..they won…pulled it right out of their asses them boys…soo cool…and the best part of it was about 30 minutes after the game i get “the phone call”..sooner called…now that was cool….we talked like we had just hung up the phone from talking an hour ago..i swear our immediate friendship is a result from our being siamese twins in another life..or mother and child..or brother and sister..he was the sister and i was the brother..so we had a great talk..only thing missing was a talk with babs…
then at 2am my time and midnight san fran time mojo called me and we talked for 1 1/2 hours…she had such a great time visiting with thom and “thom’s sweet little wifie”…she took them to all the places you would want to visit ..to the haight, the beach, museums, china town, all over..great resturants..thom rented a convertible for them to go to all these places..got to see lombard street…the crooked one..took them to where the bad section of town was and mojo said it was spooky but wanted to show them the good the bad and the ugly..she said no one was all that spooked by the bad part of town but they were respectfull of the fact that it was dangerous…then she had them go to the castro disctict where it is mostly gay people..that shook little goodie two shoes to her core..”thom’s sweet wife” couldnt believe that there were nothing but gay people there and wanted thom to put the top up and roll up the windows…mojo was sadden by her attitude..wasent affaid of the bad guys but those gay people really scared her…”censor, bleep, edit”..doh..
anyhow they had a great time..thom was so happy to see mojo healthy happy and sober..she was gratefull to be able to see her brother and spend so much time with him..and best of best he like her boyfriend…which we havent always…rolff is a really nice guy and seems to love her very much…there is a possiblity that she may be able to come to texas to visit..a friend has a van she will sell mojo for little or nothing ..thom said he would fly them out here and she could stay and visit and they could drive the van back..im for that ..she has been gone for almost 3 years..and i miss her so much..but also know that texas is not the right mix for her and she is safer and happier where she is..but mommie misses her girl…and the good news is…the cowboys won…


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