you know i liked the fucking cat better when he only came home to eat and lick his that he is the only animal here he has had a personality change and its about to drive me nuts…he never purred before.he never meowed, he never wanted to be petted or even touched. now he is this needey grasping clutching little fucker that wont leave me alone for a minute..meow, feed me..meow feed me right this minute you bitch…meow let me out.NOW…LET ME OUT NOW, OPEN THE DOOR..LET ME OUT NOW..meow. i wanted milk with this can of chicken of the sea tuna..meow if it says chicken of the sea why is it me. no not there … to my ear..the ear goddammit, the eat, there that’s lower…lower…over to the left…no that’s too soft i want it harder now…more to the right now…lower…ahhhhhh, meow let me out now…bitch….fuck it sounds just like my first husband…


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