yes, i have it..think the little mini stroke did me a good one..someone posted or left me an email or something about doing a blog on hurricane jackie scared hurricane rita off..cant remember who did it and cant find it on blogs..if i didnt know i was sitting on my ass i wouldnt be able to find it..fuck…so whom ever …would you tell me again who are where it is…doh…
missed bobby dylan the other night. every since hurricane rita skipped across texas i have gotten lousy pbs reception..but great article in paper about it..and list the top ten dylan songs..here tis
1.blowing in the wind
2.only a pawn in their game
3.with god on our side
4.girl from the north country
5.mr. tambourine man
6.love minus zero/no limit
7.maggies farm
8.ballad of a thin man
9.like a rolling stone..
10.like a rolling stone..
ok. just figured the article out..this is a list of the to 10 songs of the program..fuckers..
hope pbs comes back in..i watch it all the time and really do enjoy it..love watching mr. noodle and mr. rogers..


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