i have waited for a while to post this as it is so mean and so sick..but held off as long as i could and hope people that got flooded will forgive me..but when the flood in la. first started and i saw all that water two things popped into my mind and then i pushed them away….first one was i could hear bill cosby doing is old act from the 60’s…when he is noah and building the ark and he doesnt believe god is going to send all the rain and god says “how long can you tread water noah?” and the other one was i could hear johnny cash singing “how high’s the water father?”
“6 feet high and rising”…
ok, im sorry i know its sick..but i have told you this a twisted and sick person…at least you were warned..

going back to the house yesterday i had my radio blaring on my oldies but goodies station.and they played linda rondstat singing blue bayou….perfect song for the people of new orleans…

so sad..don adams died at 82 from lung infection…i loved maxwell smart…”would you believe i liked him?”

in the spring of 1970 my dad bought me a set of sheets from j.c. penny…they had big ugly blue and black flowers on a white back ground…well, i still have one pillow case and the top sheet from that set…would still have the rest of the set but the dogs ate them…i cant believe that it has lasted this long…

catching bits and peices of the bob dylan special on pbs…but made me think of his son jacob and his band wildflowers…he sings better than daddy and is way more handsomer..( a word???)

jon stewart of comedy central had the best line about the flood and the response..
“when people say they dont want to play the blame game it’s usually because they are to blame”.
doh, no shit..
watched barak obama on pbs last night…really do like him and what he has to say..wish he would run for president…plus i just like saying his name…barak obama…..

people with dogs there is a new strain of doggie flu and it is like kennel cough but much worse…so keep an eye out on your dogs…


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