well lets see how many people i can piss of this moring..i fially replyed to the “changes” that they said they were going to make in the paper after i bitched…the made one change and that wasent sent another email to them and was so pissed..called them dickheads again..then after one full hour i finally got into blogster and onto my blog far the only thing i have been able to do is leave a mean spirited comment on eithe bob or neils blog let them know how fucking slow blogster is..i dont have access to computer from thursday at 7pm till sat am at nine and only here from 9-12pm and then nothing again till monday at i have alot of catching to do on sat. am and hard to catch up if you cant even get in the fucking race.for some reason i woke up in a “dont fuck with me, i keep a count on the bodies” mood..actually went to sleep at a semi-normal time last night 12:30am instead of 5-7am..and woke up at that’s what it feels like to get normal amt of sleep..i become a crazy person…huh huh..
now lets see if i can get on others sites so i can leave my pitty comments…


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