decided to listen to my favorite golden oldies radio station over the week end instead of watching cooking shows on tv..and noticed something..they dont, or at least I have not heard them play any thing by Gene Vincent…anyone remember him…”wear my ring around your finger?”…oh man, when I was about 12-13 I had the most humungous crush on him…and mainly because I had gotten a crush on the school bad boy…I cant remember his name to save my soul but it was at Del Valley high school in austin,texas across from bergrstom afb where my daddy was stationed and we lived..he wore white tshirt rolled up and a pack of luckies rolled up in the sleeve..tight blue jeans, boots with taps on them. remember the big old taps we would wear on our shoes? he drove a custom made black ford, dont remember the year but remember it had glass packs..had no idea then what they were but only cool cars had them…so if you wanted to look like you were in the know you always asked if their car had glass packs..he was tall, thin had black slicked hair into a duck tail and when he wore a shirt over his white tshirt he left the collar turned up and the shirt was unbuttoned..man he was hot..and for some unknown reason he thought I was kinda cute..now you must know when I was 12-13 I had nearly the same size boobs I have now..only I didn’t weight even a 100 lbs..so my measurements were about like this…38-19-30…I had to wear a brick tied around my neck hanging from the back to keep me from falling on my face and rolling down hills..so I am sure now that what he liked about me were my big mama’s…but I was also the only child of a m/sgt…and that meant….touch me…die…I was not allowed to ride in cars with anyone..if anyone wanted to date me..you had to call and get my daddy’s permission…then you had to get pass the guards at the gate who were instructed to guard my every move..you would drive to the gate..the guards would check you over..and if your name was on the list they would call my daddy and describe him and then maybe you would get to drive to the house..park and walk me to the teen club or to the movies, or during summer time to the pool..the only places I was allowed to go..on the way I would be spotted by every guy that worked for my daddy, and all the ap’s..(airforce police) who would call daddy and give him spot checks on where I was…so he would know how long it took me to get there and if I was going where I said I was…one time I got brave and decided to go off base and go to a movie in town..never made it past the guard shack..they just laughed at me..and called daddy who came and got me..so my romance with my teen idol didnt last long..once he found out I not only wouldnt let him touch the mama’s and wouldnt touch him any where below the waist..well, I was history..and to make it worse..he left me for my bad girl girlfriend “peggysue”..I swear to the goddess that was her name..she had mama’s almost as big as mine..but she put out…

hmmm. no wonder I ran off and got married when I was 16


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