on oct. 14th…country music tv will telecast previously unseen video of johnny cash, willie nelson, waylon jennings, and kris kristofferson. these were taken from when they were all doing the highwaymen..and since two of these great legends are gone would be nice to see them sing and get it done…weird..willie is the oldest and think he will out live all of them…only one left is kris and hell, i’d put my money on ole willie anytime over kris..if i can find anyone around here that has will watch it and tape it for me i would be a happy camper..think david oden has vcr and would watch it with me..i have vcr but no cable..i always tease him when i ask him to do something for me by promising him a blow job..he will freak me out one of these days when he says ok…ha..that will be the big one elizabeth…
did i tell you i met willie once up front and in person? when they had the outlaw concert back in the 70’s they had it on the steiner ranch where i lived and i worked at the “lodges” and all the guys that were building the stage and what ever would come down and i would get them drunk and take their money on the pool table..met willie’s 1/2 brother doyle and he said he would introduce me..i was more interested in waylon but who cared..not them..anyhow after the concert doyle took me to willie’s trailor where i remet the head of the bandido’s vic..who had become my new best friend when i had found his wallet and gave it back to him with over $3,00 in it..he was passed out and willie was sitting at kitchen table..imbibing…will not say with what…but he was not eating cereal..i had heard how nice and sweet etc. that he was..well, maybe when he wasent imbibing…it was hi ..dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out..really disappointed..doyle kept saying he was so sorry, willie wasent usually like that…maybe it was my “fuck rednecks” tshirt…oh well…still want to see the show…or get a tape of it…

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