well, the weather in our great state of texas is now turning into the lovely cool times that we all have been yearning for..yes, good citizens of the world…fall has fell. its a good thing…i cant even begin to tell you what a lovely feeling it is to not have our nice cotton clothing stick to our not so sweet smelling skin.the birds are chirping, the breeze is blowing and all is right in the lovely world that the goddess has blessed us with…isnt that special…good times are here again you sweet lovely people…yes, eveything is just hunky dory…blissful i would even say…why the world is such a wonderful place to be right now..i cant imagine anything that would change my little happy happy white fluffy clouds into dark my good is a lovely day in the neighborhood…wont you be my friend? lets hold hands and skip down to the lake and feed bread to the little duckies…because when its this nice in texas all is good in the world….so ta ta good off to spread hope and joy to all that i meet. toodles…

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