now as a good spirited person enjoying the cool texas weather I only wish them the very best and will not cast aspersions on their character by having a baby with out the bans of marriage being said over their sweet little selves…that would be sooo not nice..and i can only wish that she does not suffer from the dreaded post partum desease that that sweet boy tom says does not exist..because we all would be just so sadden to hear that she did experience it and because of his feelings about taking those nasty old pills for depression..went complety over the pretty little edge and cut up his cute little body into small little my goodness that would be just a shame..tsk tsk.. tsk..
well, i have to run now and go tend to the sick and infirm as those poor people need all the help they can get. their sickness and fraility is just such a sad thing..not being able to do the simplest things for themselves…like clean themselves ..why the smell is just terrible…and all that dribbling of food, why it is just heart breaking..such a sad state those poor people have let themselves fall into…they are such a mess that sometimes i actually will gag and hold my nose at them.. which is why i always wear plenty of sweet smelling sure those poor people really do appreciate it…they have so little and need so much..why just the other day mrs. barbara bush said they should be so lucky to have a hurricane wash away their homes with all their belongings..just so they could come to the wonderful cool state of texas where we can take care of them..they are just so lucky to have someone just like barbara and i to make them feel welcome and right at home…toodles for now my sweet dear friends…think happy thoughts and do kind things for the less fortunate….


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