was watching tv realy late and this commercial popped on and i laughed so hard i almost fell out of the chair..swear to goddess they were advertising a product called urinegone…for animal piss…or human if you live with a drunk…all you have to do is spray it and somehow it breaks down enzimes and takes the odor away..even gives you some sort of black light that shows where old urine is so you can spray it too…so it gave me an idea about a new product they should have invented..”assholegone”…an asshole appears on your door step(pesky neighbors, unwanted relatives and assorted salespeople”..and you just spray it on them and poof ..they’re gone.this could also apply to asshole relatives and rightwing republicans..if they could make that a reality i would try to get out and spray as many assholes as possible before some one got me first…


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