and i have been there for the past 10 days or so…have read read books..robin cooks new one was pretty damn good…and just finished one called midas by russell andrews and this is a yafta…yafta read it…is current to what is going on in the white house and the world today and all the principle bad guys are like the ones working for bush..oil, corruption, terrorists, big bidnesmen that are fucking the country and when they finally bust everyone the only innocent one is the president cause he is too dumb to be put in the loop and to stupid to figure it out..good good read…

if i had a computer at home i am sure i would watch alot less tv.but since i dont..i all know im crazy about lost cause it is just a great mystery plus all the guys are pretty damn good looking running around in their barechests…but the best tv show is still boston legal…the best show, best cast, best stories and with all that they still find new ways to crack me up in laughter.i mean the out loud hoohaw laughing …spader and shatner may the best duo on tv since….well…since lucy and desi..johnny and ed. you get the idea…candance bergan is on and she and shatner are so good together..he is always trying to get her to fuck him and she puts him down in such a way that i need to keep notes..then their is betty white who killed the serial killer..the little munchkin guy that played on will and grace..oh goddess. what laughter they brought…im telling you need to mark your calandar for tuesday night 9pm and try it one time for me…you’ll never be’ll leave me money in your’ll name kids after me..really…


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