my next door neighbor maryruth came over with her little dog..they were going for a walk and stopped by…now rocky has been around dogs all of his time with me..from pit bulls, shar-peis, and great danes…no problem..he egnores them just like he does my human friends…well, yesterday he proved his dominance of the yard…maryruth’s dog is just the sweetest little thing..i mean her name is precious for goddess sake..i had gone her some”snicky snacks” as we call them in my family and was giving her one at a time, and she got right up next to me to get them…rocky was laying on his back in the middle of the yard and in a movement so fast you almost couldnt see it..zipped across the yard and slashed out at the cat about 8 times before anyone could react…if precious didnt have such a thick body of fur she would have been laying in the yard ripped to shreds..rocky chased her out of the yard….was puffed up twice his size..and walked on his tip toes all over the yard making weird fucking noises…panther noises…cracked me up…picked him up and he started purring…and arching into my hand to be petted..never have i seen him do anything like that..he was super cat..bat cat…x-cat…………….my hero…


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