i have been so pissed about the blogsite that i feel i have neglected forest gump and left him to his own devices….but acticle in paper yesterday made me laugh so hard i woke rocky up…i seems that ole forest’s popularity poll’s show that he is falling out of favor…and it looks like 98 percent of the black population is smarter than 62 percent of the white population…the article says that only 2 percent of black america believe forest is doing a good job…they feel “unrepresented and unappreciated by this president”..doh…that’s ok..some of us white folk feel the same way…he and key congressional republicans are bearing down on welfare and other social programs for deep cuts to help fun the military operations in iraq…well, it only took them and the rest of the white folk to figure out what we have known all along…bush doesnt give a shit about you unless you are one of his rich business partners or rich partner of one of his rich business partners…if your rich or one of his cronies you can get elected to fema or the supreme court…enough to make me start drinking again..watched letterman last night and al franklin was on…man is he funny ..he has a new book and its called the truth and some funny stuff…said that what ‘SCOOTER’ had done was treason and if bush knew about it, it was treason and he would be put to death…i laughed so hard..cant wait till henrietta gets the book for the library…

I FEEL SOOOOOO GUILTY… while thom and ima were in san francisco visiting maryjo he got me a bumper sticker…now i was so sure that he was still pissed enought at me that when i heard the bumper sticker was HE’S NOT KINKY HE’S MY GOVERNOR.. i thought it was a sticker about arnold…calif.governor..just wasent thinking and was being paranoid..fucking stupid me..any how jenny brought it over yesterday and it was for kinky friedman…for gov of texas…and i was thrilled with it…so thom did a good thing for me and i automatically thought the wrong such a bitch…fuck…..feel so bad..will email him …a thank you …

while im on bush i must give a shout out to ass hole brown…did you read in paper or watch the news about the emails that were sent back and forth to him…???oh man..what a field day the press is having with him…i love it…he gets an email from someone in the dome and complaining about no water, no food, etc..and the email back is from his asst. saying that brown needed an hour to eat his dinner and would go on tv after he had eaten…when she got the email she sent this:’OH MY GOD!!!!!!!JUST TELL HER THAT I JUST ATE AN MRE(MEAL READY TO EAT) AND CRAPPED IN THE HALLWAY OF THE SUPERDOME ALONG WITH 30,000 OTHER CLOSE FRIENDS SO I UNDERSTAND HER CONCERN ABOUT BUSY RESTURANTS’…
how can anyone be so fucking stupid…oh, that’s right..he’s a friend of bush’s….argh!!!!!!


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