im going to pretend that my message got thru to you all and things are getting back to normal..what is sad is the blogster is so fucking slow that i cant even read most of the post all of you make and when i do get thru and read them, instead of witty funny insightful remarks they are grumbling, grouchy bitchy pissing and im going to pretend all is well and continue to post my “stuff”(your shit, my stuff)…and hope all is settling down..and by the way..thanks sooner for the update…you the man..

i have been singing the battle of jerico..”and the walls came tumbling down”…every since harriet got bounced and “scooter” got busted..remember when i said i didnt have to do anything to ole forest as the goddess would take care of it for us? well…this is the work of the goddess and ole fitzgerald from chicago..he rocks..i loved his comparison to a batter getting hit in the head by a pitch…was it intentional, was it a slip, did he just mean to hit him on the chin..i was cracking up are so silly..using sports analogies to get us thru another republican fuckup…ahhhh, next to go is cheney and then ole forest himself…thank you goddess, i for one appreciate it..knew it was just a matter of time before that entire administration just emploded…
well, in the little town of west..we are still celebrating scott and the other sox’s win…and to top it off, west high school band earned a division 1 in marching…their best preformance grabbed them the top rating at the region 8 university interscholastic league marching contest…so we are all proud of the west youth’s…and of course scott…wonder when the parade will be…?man, i cant get over how much resemblance there is between him and 2 of the granddaughters..especially haley..the little one..she looks more like her mama and the podsednik’s..nicole looks more like her daddy and the browns…wow….
west knights of columbus is breaking grounds for a new facility…they let the church ladies of west use their kitchen for west fest and they make the best beer bread you have ever had…the west chamber of commerce is sponsoring halloween alley. will have free face painting for the kids..and all the local business’s will be handing out free candy….one new birth, 2 birthdays and 5 deaths..we are losing ground someone is opening a new bed and breakfast..out in tours…be nice for west fest and family reunions..had one here in town.but people got to old to fool with it so closed it down…i spend 3 hours at laundry mat yesterday doing my laundry..i hate to do laundry..that was always the kids job and boy do i miss hall is celebrating their 50th annivesary…tours is a little tiny town right down the road from west..between west and leroy…on the other side of i-35 is ross and tokio…
kc hall is having a 42 domino tournament…in 1956 the were advertizing a 56 plymouth belvedere. aerodynamic styping, push button driving and powerful he hy-fire 277 engine…man you should see the fins on this hummer…west high school trojans beat venus, texas 70-8…and the lady trojans volleyball team are playoff bound..will the fort worth castelberry team..if anyone is interested in a new business, there are 2 resturants for sale..actually 3, but one has been on the market for so long, dont know how good a buy it is…would like to open up one of them and make it a tex/cajun resturant…i could do that…plus there is a bakery for sale..the oldest bakery in west…folks are just too old to run it anymore…there is a charming 2 bed on small lot for $44,900…houses are so cheap is cheaper to buy than to rent…i still pay $225 a month for my little one bedroom..kind of renting it buying it…
well, that is the haps for west this week…same ole same ole…some die, some new ones are born…and the beat goes on…


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