and more power to me…absolutelyfabulous? or what ever..is mad at me cause im liberal first of all and seems to think i want everything given to me cause at 61(will be 62 nov. 12th.)i feel i deserve it…hm…wonder what i said to get he or her panties in a bunch..but what ever it was they are all pissed off at me..something about restricting fredoms..coming from a right winger, that is pretty fucking funny in itself..the ones that want to restrict our freedoms from the right to choose, the right to get equal pay for equal work, no matter your race, age, religion or sexual preference. want to restrict our freedom from a peaceful death with out someone keeping us on life support when we want to die when we choose..yup..ole absolutely sure has their own opinions about freedom..and as for working..well, i have worked since i was 17 years old..and only reason im not working now is the result of 5 major back surguries..the only thing given to me by the government is $55 in food stamps which im sure is not coming out of his or her’s paycheck…but it does warm the cockles of my red neck heart that i have pissed someone off at last…thanks for the rude and mean spirtited comment on my site..but that is what freedom is all about..the right to make a fool out of yourself on someone else’s blog site…thanks..made my day…


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