i have been trying to log onto the new blogsite and also this one and it just wont down load on these fucking computers…and they were all updated and supposed to be faster..yeah, right..babs and sooner are going to transfer my posts from here to the new sites but i cant get on to them to mark the ones i want transfered…i may start drinking again…if i had any balls they would be busted right about now…so im going to try and fake the blogsite out by posting and see if when i get thru i can go to my old blogs and mark them…doh…i miss this posting stuff..i miss ranting and raving and bitching about forest, the price of gas, my new utilities rate which is going to double this winter, which isn’t going to be much of a problem as it is still summer time here. fuck it is almost the middle of nov. and it was 99 degrees yesterday..and only got down to 70 for the low…ahhh..texas….but something good did happen today..i voted and voted against everything…no no no no no….but sunday i went to get a dallas paper and put my money in the little machine and the fucker took my money and gave me no i went and got one someplace else..then called dallas paper to bitch and they made a deal with me..if i pay at least 3 months at a time.they will only charge me half of the regular price of the paper which is $ get 3 months for $27…emma in the circulation department is my new best friend…i was bitching about my $1.50 plus the fact that the paper guy wanted 3 months in advance to start home delivery…fuck him..wait till he finds out he will have to deliver my paper to me again and at half the price…huh..huh…i love fucking over people….teach him to mess with jackisue.
and then i found this really interesting article in the paper about beer…and found out something that i actually already knew..czech’s drink more beer than anyone in the world…anyone that has ever been to a westfest would have known that..but the world’s biggest beer drinkers are in the czech republic…they drink 158 liters of beer.
ireland is second(of course) with 141 liters.
germany 118 liters
austria with 115 liters
luxembourg with 101 liters
united kingdom 101 liters
denmark 96 liters
belgium 96 liters
australia 92 liters
slovak republic 86 liters
and we take in the 11 place with 82 liters..which half of that comes from west, the home of the westfest, texas…i cant belive that we are in 11 place…i guess that is a good thing but feel like that puts a lot of pressure on anyone who visits sooners bar and grill…drink up …we need to be at least 10th..we can beat out them slovak’s…chug chug…think when i was drinking we were at least in 8th place…


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