holy shit…i finally made it…you know the old expression “a watched pot never boils”? well, blogsites here at the library never completely down load as long as im sitting at the computer cussing it…so i just click on and go to the bath room, play with tre’s little girl mia(who has the cutest psycho laugh you have ever heard), check out some magazines, look thru the movies and browse thru the music we have on hand…and then when i come back to the computer….lo and behold…im in….nana nana booboo …im old and sneaky so now i know how to play the game here on the libray computers i will be back more before…on that other site…my good and dear loving friends babs and sooner are transfering my old posts over here for me…they have made it so much easier for me and i cant believe how wonderful they are for doing it..arent friends great? much better than kin folk..
i checked out a computer repair place in waco and they said they can fix the germs from my computer for $50…(virus??) and put back my microsoft professional what cha ma callit it too…as only thing i am able to do now on it is play freecell solitaire and write in my journal..which i have completely ignored since i started blogging…
the weather in texas is back to summer time again..was 90 the other day and low has been in the 70’s..but we are expecting a cold front and will get down to the high’s of 70 and lows of 50…damn its nearly beginning to think it is the start of the end of the world..the weather is so fucked up..all these hurricanes, tornados, tsnami’s, fires, droughts, floods,etc..if a locus shows up on my front becoming born again…all though when anyone asks me if im born again i tell them “no, i did it right the first time”…
texas showed their colors again this tues..voted overwhelming to pass the no gay marriage bill..fuckers…my friend danny said they tried to pass a bill in maine that was discriminatory to gays..but was voted down..yankees..who wud a thunk it…ive always thought red necks were kinda funny and ok to have around..but they have taken redneck to another level…and become someone i no longer like or enjoy…im an old red neck..think we were more tolorant in a lot of ways that people are today…was watching pbs …and president carter said that the new policy of the us was effecting the spread of aids in countries like africa and south america because they dont fund people that want to give free condoms to help prevent it..they say it is preventing babies and they dont seem to care that the babies will be born with aids and will die a miserable death…just that they were born…if all these signs are a harbringer of the ends of the world and god is coming…boy is he going to be pissed..because any god who thinks it is ok for these people to continue to force their views on the rest of the world and not worry or care about the end results, is not worth his salt..i cant belive that any higher power would condone such behavior…dont know how i veered off the path to this but i said it and im there..
ok enought…now to something really imortant..the cowboys…they had a bye last sunday and dont play this sunday as they play monday night i will have to suffer another sunday with no boys…fuck…but got to enjoy watching the eagles self destruct…and they finally got rid of t.o. ..heheeee…what a fucker he is…he should be a rapper…he woudl fit in better..i just wonder how he kept from getting his head removed from his shoulder by some one on the other teams…he has a personality like a sack full of hemorids…ahhh, there is a goodess and she hates the eagles too…

4 Responses to “THANK YOU GODDESS….IM BACK….”

  1. Babs Says:

    Damn, if i would have known tha was on the ballot, I would have voted for my gay friends and gay step-sister. Shit. Oh well. Not like my one vote in Texas would be heard with all these thumpers.
    Born righ the first time!! LOL!!!

  2. soonerfan78 Says:

    Missed ya, hasn’t Babs done a great job with your blog?;)

  3. Vietnam Vet Says:

    Most computers come with a re-install disc, or fix disc. You basicly reformat your whole computer hard drive. You have to back up on disc all the information you want to save before you do that.
    I had to do that a few months ago.

  4. leo myshkin Says:

    all i can think of these days is “adios cocksuckers”

    you have to come up with a new phrase to get that one out of my brain. it might get me killed one of these days.

    some cocksucker already had rubyrocks so i’m now rubybites.

    this place could use some class, good thing you’re here to spruce up the place.

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