tradition of day of the death goes all the way back to the aztec times and honors the goddess Mictecucihuatl(you remember her..little short gal that ate people)..LADY OF THE DEAD. but the spanish priests cleaned it up and moved it from midsummer to autumn to make it coincide with all hallow’s eve and all soul’s day…so there..learned something new…

winter is upon us here in texas..went to bed last night with the house chilly but not cold..i just pretended it was summer time and i had a kick ass a/c..but when i woke up this morning rocky was laying on my head screaming like 3 kinds of banshees…my nose was frozen and rocky was pissed..he is so spoilt..i kept feeling him creep up the bed last night..he starts out at my feet and i guess as it got colder he kept inching up toward my head where all the head was i got up and warmed him up a bowl of canned milk…he loves canned milk..but only if i warm it up…i bought a turkey and he thinks he has died and gone to kitty heaven as i boil the bones down to make turkey broth for soups and pick all the meat off of it and give it to him along with the neck, gizzard and assorted fat..he wont eat the he wont eat the liver..3 months ago he would have killed for hates it…fucker..i keep a list of the canned cat foods that he will eat and wont eat…it changes from week to week…one week kitty stew and salmon are his he turns his nose up and wont eat it..and only will eat tuna…chicken of the sea tuna.unlike jessica simpson he knows that it is tuna and not chicken..
my snack lately has been popcorn with no salt or butter..kinda like eating styrofoam…so i sprinkle garlic powder on it…and now it is like eating garlic flavored styrofoam…anyhow..eating the popcorn and picking thru and finding good eatable kernals reminded me of when i was married to husband number one..who will be referered to now as asshole number one..we always made pop corn..the kind where you had the huge iron pot and popped it in there..with lots and lots of butter..and i would always pick thru and get the half popped kernels and eat them..and asshole number one asked me if i knew wha they were called and i said “no”…and he said they were called “old maids” because no one ever picked them…hmmmm.
so weeks later we are at some Brown family get together and we are passing around the popcorn…and i ask asshole number one’s uncle Derwood if he knew what the kernels were called, and he said “no”..and i said they were called old maids cause no one ever ate them…——– took asshole number one about 20 minutes to quit laughing long enough to tell me why everyone was falling down in hysterical laughter..
well fuck me till i stutter….

4 Responses to “DAY OF THE DEAD INFO”

  1. Babs Says:

    LOL Jackiesue!!!

    Rocky has got you trained!! Damn woman! He eats better than I do!!

  2. Blogdreamz Says:

    Hey, your here now.

  3. Clance' McClannahan Says:

    I make plain unsalted popcorn and then put it in a brown paper bag with Brewer’s yeast in it. YUMMY!!
    Try it sometime. Good for your whole system, speshly the colon.
    Are you on your new computer yet or still at the library?
    Blessed be…

  4. mentalexcrements Says:

    Good Morning!!!

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