lots of action in the old town this week..lots of preparing for thanksgiving..the senior center has a huge thanksgiving meal every year..i think i may volunteer this year..the granddaughters are in colorado with son and imacuntthedaughterinlaw for 10 days so i will be out of sorts for thanksgiving and volunteering on thanksgiving will be fun..the xdaughterinlaw(mother of the granddaughters) said she was going to go up there too, so that should be interesting…the kjzt is having a bake sale.the brethren church is having a chili supper, town of leroy is having a crafts and bake sale and west high school is having a “tall tales for tiny tots” production..we have plenty of flu shots to go around..i will not have mine this year as i have the years past…we dont need no stinking flu shots…i still have enought residual alcohol in my system from 15 years ago to keep all the flu bugs at bay..
the west chamber of commerce is finalizing plans for christmas funfest that will be held on city hall lawn where we have the cutest little gazebo..there will be games for the kids, numerous inflatables,a cake walk(ran by the xdaughterinlaw), and entertainment stage…st. mary’s youth group is scheduled to preform a live nativity scene and then they will light the christmas tree…business’s will have small booths set up. there will be hot dogs, hamburgers and soda pops..and of course kolaches..
the kiwanis club is having a toy drive..the west rest haven(old farts home0 is having a craft and bake sale to raise money also..those little old ladies have raised more money…they bake, make salads, make crafts and do all sorts of things to raise money…and there isnt one of them under the age of 70…we are also sponsoring a huge food drive and this years goal is 300,000 lbs of food..last year, we did 256,000..that is for mclennan county..not just west…we’re good, but not that good..
we have had 4 new births, i engagement, 2 deaths(1-95 years old and 1 33 years old..that was sad) and one anniversary of 60 years…that’s scarry..the thought of being married to someone that long…well, that is a wonderful thing for them but for someone like me who has been married 3 times..its pretty scarry..we have a new beauty parlor…”head tu toe”…gag me.
west elementary school visited the fire dept where fireman fred(who is about 92 years old) gave them lessons on what to do in case of a fire..and was going to do the drop and roll thing for them..but all he could do was the drop part…
both grocery stores have blue bell ice cream on sale so i broke down and got some non fat vanilla yogurt frozen yogurt…damn that stuff is good…turkeys are on sale too for .59 a lb..so i have bought 2 turkeys so far and after i cook the third one today will get one more..that way i can make turkey soup, turkey chili, turkey inchalada’s..etc..at .59 a lb..i can think of lots of different stuff to make with turkey..plus the wonderful old standby..turkey sandwiches…( i always want to put a t in sandwiches…witches…)
the west high school boys football team(trojans) lost in district..but we still had a pretty good season..the girls volley ball and softball teams rocked this year..our girls always play better than the boys…2 bedroom, 1 bath house on 2 lots near school for $64,900…the village bakery is for sale..the first and only exclusively czech bakery in texas is now being sold due to age and health of owner. she will offer assistance in west with the sale of the bakery..wish i had the money for that one..but would like to turn it into more of a real bakery and not just kolaches…wonder how much it is.
well, that pretty much covers the haps in west…except that during the night about 3 weeks or so ago someone crawled up on the water tower and changed the WEST…to EAST… and we all think it is kind of funny..so far it is still there…there was a thing in paper where some town was going to change its name to dish so the whole town could get free satalite service for 10 years…one of the local drunks is trying to make a deal with budwiser…to change the name of west to budwiser so we all can get free beer for 10 years…huh huh….


2 Responses to “WEST NEWS….”

  1. Babs Says:

    Good for you for helping out on Turkey Day. It’s a good thing for people to do that have no family.
    “imacuntthedaughterinlaw” cracks me up every time I see that!!!
    You don’t need a flu shot. Hell, you scared off a hurricane earlier this year.
    Are you sure you have enough turkey for you and Rocky? I would run out of freezer space.
    Well, it does make sense. The town of West is in East Texas….

  2. soonerfan78 Says:

    Hey gal, thanks for your kind words when I had the fucking crud….finally got a night to read blogs, I am so outta touch…If they changed the name to West Budwieser I would just have to move there, fuck I might just do it anyway…I waana slip one of those warm kolaches in my underwear

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