post toasties..

PBS…man, i love pbs… last night i watched a show on johnny cash, the carter family and hank williams…3 different tonight there will be shows on the aftermath of the hurricane..the one that showed on the rescuing of the animals from new orleans was a tear jerker..i watched jimmy carter on charlie rose show…really on the weekends i watch all the cooking the 2 cajan cousin texans..they crack me up…make the best italian dishes ever..then watched some show i forget which one that had a guy named fred kaplan on it and he was touting his new book..he is really good..if you think forest gump is an asshole and wish them all to go straight to hell..check him out on there is a great article on bush’s speech given on veterans day …plus i checked out al franklin’s new book called truth and funny stuff.. or something like that..and watched a show on this craft that scientist’s have invented..not tried out except on computer..but it made my mind wander in to ares where i mind shouldnt go…so the machine is a barge with 20 jet engines pointed upwards and a tug boat will tow it into the hurricane and they turn the sucker on and it shoots water up into the air so powerful that it wil either slow the hurricane down or stop it completely………………………..yeah, that led my mind into areas of mass destruction…whe could get a flat bottom wagon ..fill it full of people that have been force fed nothing but pinto beans for a week and when a tornado comes up..we rush them out there and they can fart the tornado away……………… for me..
my football record this season so far is 97 wins, 59 loses and 3 pushes…not to shabby…
did anyone see on the news about the tree in dallas that has the image of the virgin mary on it?….yeah, right…i think i will see if i can force some kind of image of jerry garcia on the wall of my house..then charge all them dead heads to come speak to jerry..i could make a fortune..
can anyone tell im bored??
when im bored i have a tendency to get into trouble…so im sitting here trying to figure out some way i can fuck with henrietta…it will come to me…
i sent in my vote for kinky friedman for texan of the year..i encourage all of you texans to do the same..i doubt if he will win..but we could fuck up their contest pretty good…
welcome danny boy…he is here now too..under: everyman goes…
i got tabu parfume, lotion, and talc for my birthday and have it all on..smell like a french elevator…
the library is having a polar express slumber party…someone will read the story and there will be hot cocoa and cookies..pretty cool…
will leave you with a little of my weird twisted sense of humor…bought 2 bags of wild bird seed for the birds that have been coming to my little house for 11 years now…(since i moved in) and i feed them every put out the food and was watching them from my screen door and all of a sudden there was a flurry of birds, feathers every where and rocky came bouncing in the door with a dead black bird in his mouth…even with out any fang teeth he is still the mighty hunter…he thinks i feed the birds for him…so going to have to move the feeder where they can get to it but he can lay out and stalk them..seriel killer…fuck me till i chirp…


2 Responses to “post toasties..”

  1. Babs Says:

    Damn, I don’t watch the news, so I missed the story about the tree. But I could use some firewood. 🙂
    Danny boy is here??? Come out, come out wherever you are….
    I used to feed birds on my balcony. Drove my cats insane. One of them would wait until there were like 20 on the balcony and then body slam the sliding glass door and walk away like, I showed them. Then I stopped feeding them. Got to be too many birds for such a small balcony and the cats do like to go out on a nice day.
    Well, occasionally some old dumb bird still remembers this place and makes a visit. Trouble is, the cats are usually out there now. I woke up one morning to a bird/cat fight in my living room. Feathers and bird blood everywhere. Ugh!
    Cats will be cats…..
    And Bush is forever a moron.

  2. leo myshkin Says:

    thanks for reminding me about pbs. the eyes of nye should be on tonight.

    i see gump is converting the chinese to his form of christianity. i think that’s the only thing that might stop china from taking over the world, if they listen to gump.

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