for all that religion have in common, it is more often than not the root of most wars…Jews, Christians and Muslims all call the same man, Abraham, the father of their religion, and yet they have slaughtered each other for centries. Hindu’s slaughter skikhs, chinese buddahists kill nepalese buddahist and muslims kill christians and christians are killing them back…im sure their God is very proud of them..The Goddess says knock that shit off..

new library books…new library books…
new rules by bill maher and the truth with jokes by al franklin..two books that never would have wound up in this library if not for me..heheee…they are sooo funny..will post little bits and peices out of them in later post…
fury by robert k. tananbaum..the further adventures of butch karp, the wily marlene, the genius lucy and the cute but dangerous twins zac and giancarlo…i love this series of books by tananbaum…
ordinary heroes by scott turow….war story…you guys will like this one
island of bones by p.j. parrish…sounded good
out of range by c. j. box..i really like these books..are about a forest ranger and his family…mystery…very good
the divide by nicholas evans…???? hmmmm
and ..a firing offense by david ignatius..sounded good too
plus i just finished the second in series of 3 of the frankenstein series…man oh man was it the first one over halloween…its done with another author and the humor in these books is a lot better than his normal stories so think it must be the other writer..but they are really really good. and only come in pocket book and arent big thick books..easy reads…try them…read read read…i love to read…

im starting to get a wee bit sick of turkey and i still have a 15 lber in the freezer that i havent even cooked yet…ugh…fuck me till i gobble

11 Responses to “IN MY LITTLE PEA BRAIN”

  1. leo myshkin Says:

    maybe instead of giving religion all those tax breaks, they should start paying double taxes to make up for the free ride.

  2. Babs Says:

    Yeah Goddess, you tell them fuckers what to do!

    I wondered when ou would ge tired of Turkey. Have you tried it with Bluebell ice cream on top yet?

  3. apositivepessimist Says:

    i am in the northern part of the state of new south wales…might be easier [lol] if you say the little town yer friend lives in…and hey i might actually know it lol.

    never been really partial to turkey…rather have chook [chicken]

  4. yellowdog granny Says:

    Love ya jac, gonna get bizzie with some more pics, hope you like em hon, when you get your new puter I will help you learn how to do it, it is really easy. Fuck, make Rocky eat that bird,heat it up, soak it in gravy, shove it up his ass, he’ll adapt to it.

  5. Clance' McClannahan Says:

    You are my Role Model…Blessed Be.

  6. soonerfan78 Says:

    Well, it is done, I have effectively called them all fucking cocksuckers, when they killed gooner, that was it…if you want to view it you better go there in a hurry

  7. Blogdreamz Says:

    That picture is funny. Turkey, hum I just finished the last of ours…

  8. Babs Says:

    The gang’s all back together!! Blogster keeps banning people. Lots of our old peeps are here now. Guess the library will be open tomorrow! Hope to hear from you then!

  9. chattymoon2012 Says:

    Hi Jackiesue, Merry Meet! Yeah, I’m around here now, Blog didn’t absorb me into their Collective,lol. The Goddess works in mysterious ways…hmmm, my brother Lostinthetriangle is here too, drop by and say howdy.He also nows computers, ask him for assistance if you need anything. He is fixing me up here.This is my little girl Lady in the avatar, the one who guards my quarters at Sooners. My nephew Coldonion laso has an account here, and Triangle is also getting an account for my mother (83) so she can keep up with us. I am settling in here now, my stuff still has to be sorted out in me and Lady’s Condo, but drop by and say hi if you don’t mind by mess….Merry Part, Jackiesue, talk to you later

  10. Jack the Blogger Says:

    Absolutely LOVE Bill Maher and Al Franken.

    I look forward to your excerpts from those books.

    (I’ve got Franken’s new book on my X-mas list, so don’t spoil any “extra-good” parts!)


  11. yellowdog granny Says:

    i think the bill maher book is much better than the al franklin book…i laughed out loud at each and every page…

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