i know this is illegal and they can throw my ass in jail for printing stuff from his book..but i yafta…its just too funny..was on page 14 and had already laughed out loud at each and every page…
bawl game rule..
stop wallowing, several years after 9/11, ball parks still insist on a giant seventh inning buzzkill with a somber rendition of “God Bless America”. There’s a thin live between loving america and stalking it..Please, we’ve already said the national anthem now let me honor america the right way:by getting drunk on over priced beer and yelling obscenities at millionaires on steroids..

no, we don’t need a hummer cologne. Yes, hummer is now also a men’s fragrance. They say the scent is a masculine combination of leather, sandalwood and a bald man’s tiny cock.It’s also great cologne for gay guys:you put it on and , before you know it, your’re rolling over.

George W. Bush must stop saying he owes all his success to Laura. George Bush owes all his success to his daddy, his daddy’s rich friend’s, trust funds, legacy admissions, the national guard, the supreme court, Karl Rowe, Dick Cheney, and AA.

If you have to tell me what fracture of you is N. American, you’re not really an Indian.There is a word for people who claim to be one-quarter Indian…Puerto Rican…

Don’t talk to me about desperate housewives..If I had the slightest interest in other people’s sex lives, I’d be a republican.


If you have to have to set up a big screen tv and show the daytona 500 to get people to your church in Fredericksburg,Tenn. then your flock is not worshipping Jesus, their worshipping Dale Earnhard, Jr. and there’s a difference:one is the son of God, and the other died on a cross for your sins..

ok that is enough of a teaser..go out and buy the can read it in under 2 hours….and laugh your ass off…..


4 Responses to “NEW RULES BY BILL MAHER”

  1. leo myshkin Says:

    i’d rather get it at the library for free. support your local library, it’s the best deal in town!!

  2. apositivepessimist Says:

    really he should be paying you fer the free advertising and promotion 😉

  3. soonerfan78 Says:

    YEP. I think I’ll go rent that at the library too!!….would you like me to try and post some of your daughters pics on your blog site?

  4. Babs Says:

    I must find that church in TN!!!! I don’t have a big screen TV! I wonder if they provide food and diet coke too???

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