on december the 4th we are going to be celebrating Scott Podsednik’s world series win..like he did it all on his own..well, he did win that one game with the home run…anyhow we are having a celebration in the west high school auditorium.each person is allowed to bring one thing for him to autograph..and there will be some photo’s for people to get autographed also..pretty cool..he has been back 2 times i think since the series and autographs anything for everybody..they sold one of his autographed balls (baseballs).. for a charity and it raised $800 …so this is a big deal..we are all so proud of him..there will be 500 tshirts for sale to help with expenses..they go for $8…the money will go to the west league booster club..go…scotty…
sykora famiy ford won its 8th or 9th award for family business founders award..the entire family works there..which is about 13 of them…
our toy drive is underway…and we had the thanksgiving meal for the folks of west..have it every year..i was supposed to volunteer..but had alergies and took 2 pills instead of my normal one and slept for 12 hours…woke up in time to watch the cowboys lose to denver..doh..
we have one new birth, 5 birthdays, one anniversary of 50 years..and 2 deaths..
50 years ago this month they held a dinner for senator lyndon b. johnson…and what is kinda weird about it is that it is the first since his midsummer heart attack..now who knew or remembered that he had had heart trouble before he actually had one and died of it..??hmmm…
the lady trojans are starting their basketball season..and supposed to have another good team…they win almost every year..our girls are better at sports than the guys are…
community grocery has gizzards on sale for .99 lb..i love gizzards…turkeys are still. .59 a lb..but still have a 20 lber in the freezer…starting to get a turkey neck from all the turkey i have eaten..but have made such great soups with it..noodles and turkey..turkey with rice..turkey tacos…turkey turkey turkey..fuckme no more turkey..
oophs back to the city of west…going to get my dream book from the lady that works for the newspaper and look up moving furniture for chatty….actually there isnt much going on in west..this week…will hold off on writing more til we have the scott podsednik’s party….


One Response to “WEST STATION NEWS..”

  1. Babs Says:

    No more turkey Jackiesue…you need you some good ole fashioned beef sometimes….

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