I love my little mazda truck and the fact that i dont go anywhere…i go from the house to the store, library and other little places right here in town or to the granddaughters house and back…so 2 months ago when the gas was higher than a cat’s back i filled up the truck ..cost me nearly $50…almost had a real stroke and not that wussy little mini stroke…so this month…(2 months later) i filled up the mazda again..and still had an 8th of a tank left….drove 2 months on a tank of gas…this time in only cost me $30 to fill her up…such a deal…do i get my money’s worth or what…huh huh..

was talking to a friend the other day and some how my wild drinking days came up and i told her..I wouldnt say that i drank a lot..but my urine sample came with a water chaser…she is still laughing…

I noticed something the other day…i was watching ellen on tv..usually dont watch her as im at library when she comes on…but was friday i guess… know as i have brought it to your attention more than once..the insane christian rights who are so totally against gays…they hate gays..dont want them to have sex..marry or adopt..or anything that anyone else gets to do…well, if they hate them so much and there are so many of them out there…how come ellen is so popular??? doh..she’s gay folks…yet she is right up there next to oprah, one of the most popular people on tv…i dont understand it..i mean im glad they love her..i love her..she is great..funny…a good person..but she is still how did she slide..? why does she get to be gay and be loved..and not the rest of the gay people..who i know are just as sweet, funny and kind as she is…the goddess says get your shit together..make up your mind…


2 Responses to “POST 2”

  1. Babs Says:

    I saw a truck with an anti-gay marriage bumper sticker in the parking lot at my apartments the other day. Took a lot of will power for me to not plow my car right into their stupid sitcker. Who do they think they are?
    I shouldn’t read your posts before bedtime. Gets me all worked up. LOL!!!

  2. apositivepessimist Says:

    now i don’t reckon that is you in the pic from yer younger days…only cause of the boob size.

    i’ve lost track of what ribbon is for what cause.

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