well i got a ribbon for my truck…it is black and says..”enough with the ribbons”….looks good on my little white mazda..waiting for someone to take it off or mention it to me…i love fucking with the natives…

this is for soap opera lovers only…..if you dont watch or have never watched soaps..you wont get this post or give a shit…so there..

I’m confused…i don’t know who is who any more and what soap I am watching..
There is some strange woman playing cassie on guiding light…the actress who played cassie is not playing carly on general hospital…and that carly was the 3rd one to play her.. so now this is the 4th…Ross is gone from guiding light and is playing clint on one life to live…the old Bell from days of our lives is now the new sister on general hospital..the actor who played old man quartermane is now playing mickey on days of our lives as the old mickey retired…and the guy that played don on days of our lives is the new old man quartermane…plus ther are three fucking romans on days of our lives…the original roman is playing some doctor, the second roman is john black and the third roman is actually chris kolechek… and they are all chasing after marlena who has fucked them all and cant make up her mind…im getting a head ache..fuck me til im a rerun….

something that made me laugh….KWAMI from Ghana is the new next great ski medalist…they call him the snow leopard…he is a skiing demon…ah jez..there is a goddess and she is laughing her ass off at us…FUCK ME TIL I CAN SKI….


One Response to “RIBBONS ON TRUCKS”

  1. Babs Says:

    I don’t watch soaps, but I sure wish you could see the picture Sooner put with your post!!! LOL!!

    Where’d you get the ribbon?

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