Since an early age I have had the great ability to fuck up the english language..twist expressions, get song lyrics wrong…just a special knack that I have…Like when I was a kid and when we would have special sunday dinners, thanksgiving, christmas etc.. I would always say grace…and it was always the same one because i thougth I said it so well…”dear God, thank you for this food which we are bound to receive, amen.”…my parents never said a word..just said amen and got on with the eating…i now know that the prayer said something about the bounty we were about to receive..but hey..I was just a kid..then I was always singing songs..and not necessarily the way rogers and hart had meant them to be sung..like Nat King cole’s song Mona Lisa….my version was “mona lisa, mona lisa men have made you….”…unlike the original verse of “men have named you…”..hey..I was just a kid…But now I say things like frajitas…flusterated and if some one gives me directions while I am driving and recommend that I go straight…I always say..”forward…I go forward..I will never go straight”…..


One Response to “JACKIESUEISM’S”

  1. Babs Says:

    Add fuck me till I (insert something comical here) to those Jackiesueism’s.

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