Jamie called me last night and was just about to lose it..she was screaming at her dog while trying to tell me what was going on..this is sort of what it sounded like…
jamie: grandma how do you stop dogs from having sex………kilo stop that..ohhhh, that’s gross…grandma they are having sex right here in front of me, ohhh that is nasty kilo…stop that…what do i do can i keep them from doing it…i dont want her to have puppies…oh that is just disgusting..they are butt to butt grandma..make them stopl..

jamie:grandma, its not funny!!!!!!!!!!!
Grandma: pour ice water right on his thing…hahahahahahahahhahhahhahah
Jamie: what, ice water on his what????
Grandma:hhahahahahahahahahahah…no really just pour ice water right on his thing..hahahahahahahahah
minutes go by and grandma is gasping for air now….
jamie: grandma, your the smartest gramdma i have ever heard of…i poured ice water on his thing and it popped right out…
Grandma:ahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahhahah….well, i figured it if would work for my second husband it would work for the dog…hahahahahahahahah
Jamie: are gross…
end of conversation…P.s…..grandma is still laughing…



  1. chattymoon2012 Says:

    Wish I was a fly on the wall when you guys had that conversation,he he he, guess she better separate those two dogs, one in one room and one in another room until things cool down..hey, maybe you’ll be great-grandma pretty soon:)

  2. apositivepessimist Says:

    jamie’s grandma is a crack up.

  3. yellowdog granny Says:

    i want you to know that i was laughing for an hour after she called..wish you could have heard her..she was just fucking freaking out…was hysterical…

  4. leo myshkin Says:

    god bless the pitbulls. our neighbor used to bring her unaltered male scottie dog over to play with ruby.

    no matter how much ruby beat the shit out him he still kept trying to have his way with her.

  5. Babs Says:

    Well, you sound like the smartest grandma ever to me too!!!
    I’d be laughing for a long time!!

  6. tazfan Says:

    Oh lord!!! I have to remember that one!! ROFLMBO!!!!

  7. tazfan Says:

    Oh lord!!! I have to remember that one!! ROFLMBO!!!!

  8. MentalExcrements Says:

    That’s fucking funny! I would have LOVED to see his facial expressions in that conversation!

  9. MentalExcrements Says:

    I mean “her” expressions! Oops!

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