It is the last day before winter actually comes to central texas…got down to 30 degrees last night and tomorrow it is supposed to sleet, rain, snow, or all of the above…never can tell..and it was 87 degrees out sat. you have to love it…drug in my aloe vera and ivy…rocky doesnt spend nights out doors at all anymore..wussy…also supposed to get down to 28 or lower..I really never believe anything the weather man says..watched all three local stations one night and all were for the waco and surrounding areas and all of them had differnt weather forecasts..I just stick my head out the door and see what is going on and dress accordingly…knowing that just because you can wear shorts at 2pm doesnt mean you wont need your woolies by 6pm…I have seen it drop 50 degrees in one afternoon..
there was more family excitement last night..the girls mother kathy(used to be called the daughterinlawfromhell) but now we just call her sybil(for her many personalities)….has a weird when i say he is weird…im being polite..he is a fucking nut case..but for some reason kathy likes him..he is gay, hiv positive and a i could care less about his sexual activities and sad to hear he has aids..but the crack head part makes me nervous..and a year ago he stole her truck, left her stranded in dallas on a christmas shopping trip and went on a crack, sex binge …she still remained his friend…why????? fuck if I know…anyhow..thursday morning she (brace yourself) loaned him her new car(grand am) to go shopping…i swear to the goddess i dont know what she was thinking..and finally after he didnt come back by sat.night. she reported the car stolen…last night the police called her and they had found him and her car in the parking lot of fudruckers…been there wandering around in the parking lot since 6pm..(this was about 9pm) and so I went with them to drive the car back while she drove the rental she had to get as she didnt have her car…we get there..and he is sooooo fucked up..didnt know how he had got there..or why… all sorts of drug stuff in the car..seems that crack heads use wire scrub brush for the smokiing..not being up on the needs for crack smoking..i still dont know what it was for…the police were very nice even when sybil started screaming and cussing at the guy…the police were not impressed..told her to grow up and behave..didnt want to have to go bail her out of jail…so it was an exciting night for all..nice drive from west to waco and back…if i find out that she has anything to do with him again. i will personally kick her ass.. both her daughters were very upset about the whole thing and cannot understand why after what he had done to her before she would let him use her car again…what a dipshit….both the girls wer so grateful that i would even bother to help her out..told them i wasent doing it for her, was doing it for them…think she might be smoking some of the crack too to still reamain connected to him after all he has done..and then …now this is kinda funny..the mother of the crackhead is kathy’s boss at the west retirement home…she runs the place and kathy is the activity director…so the crackheads’s mother calls kathy(knowing what her son has done) and asks kathy if she will take in the guys dog as she cant take care of it…now that is pretty fucking ballsy…he steals her car and his mother wants her to take in his dog…fuck me til i bark….



  1. Babs Says:

    For a small town, you got some crazies down there!!
    Winter is coming! Man your stations!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    funny that she yelled at him this time, when she deliberately gave him her car. sounds like she’s addicted to crises…

    definition of insanity: when one does the same thing over and over, expecting different results…


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