hawaiian for merry christmas…yes…i said it..merry the fucking christmas..not happy holidays, not seasons greetings..but merry fucking christmas..hey, im a pagan and dont belive in all this shit any how..but its tradition and about 98% of our country believes it. so for the sake of the goddess who gets no kicks out of this at all…stop taking christmas out of christmas…and am i the only one on the ole blogspot that is pissed because we didnt get our christmas card from the white house..???maybe my card is in the mail…yeah, right…
i watched david letterman last night like i do every night…and jack black was on touting his new movie “king kong”…about monkey love…and didnt we already do this story back on i like our version better…also decided that jack black is the love child of jack nickelson and rosemarie…remember rose marie with the little black velvet bow in her hair?…

and some one explain to the fuckkkkkkkkkk..forest gump’s ratings have gone back up…what? the whole country suffering from alzheimers? repeat after me…

i joined a book club..for witches i think..anyhow..the books i got are
1. the power of birthdays, stars and numbers..831 pages..really cool..can do great horoscopes..send me your birthdays and i will see what sort of psycho you are…
2. the magical household ..spells and rituals for the home(hope it has something for waterbugs)
3.spell crafts..creating magical objects(maybe a mystical viberator0
4.homeopathic care for cats and dogs(in case your pet is homeo)
5. the element encyclopedia of 5,000 spells(dont fuck with me now boy)
6. his holiness the dali lalma the universe in a single atom..the convergence of science and spirituality…
( i confess..i got this as a christmas gift for my yankee girl friend who lives in austin)
speaking of my yankee would love lane…she is maybe 2 years younger than me..married to a guy who is 10 years younger than her..she goes to dance classes..african drum classes..(even when to summer camp for african drum), she goes to another one that is a combination dance and boxing class…races around austin in her black corvette giving the finger and yelling “yeah, fuck you and yo’mama” to all that would dare get in her way…she has been in texas over 30 years and she is still yankee…she knows the trouble i have had with keeping dogs alive and safe in my yard..and when i had to take trooper and puppy to friends in the country she was very glad..said to stick to cats..and no more when i emailed her and said i was thinking about getting one of jamie’s pit bull puppies when ever she had them(at least a year away).she emailed me back this email..”
jackiesue.your ignorant slut…no more dogs…you dont need any more dogs…repeat after dogs….
she makes me laugh…
well..going to go head to the house…supposed to rain tonight..dont belive it as the weather men here are never correct…im in trouble with henrietta..i showed some 15 year old kid last night how to get to sooners blogspot (he read sooners letter from santa over my shoulder) . so after i left he and his buddy got on to sooner’s site and guess they were laughing and carring on and henrietta came to see what was so funny and nearly had a heart attack. so when i came in today she asked me not to “help the boys along” with their web site searches…gave her the one raised eyebrow and said it wasent a web site it was a blogsite and there wasent anything wrong with it…so we are now at silent war..bitch…but …she may have a point…should i have turned a 15 year old onto sooner.??????????????????????? betcha ass…
fuck me til im studious…


5 Responses to “MELEKAMEKEMAKA”

  1. MentalExcrements Says:

    “melekamekemaka”…that sounds like a new sexually transmitted disease. 😉

    Don’t feel bad…those fuckers at the White House have failed to send me a card this year, too. I guess Dubya heard the rumors that I think he’s a fucking idiot!

  2. Babs Says:

    Why, it’s such a good wholesome site over there at that Sooner’s place. Should be required reading for all youngsters.

    I love friends like that. I have one friend that will can call each other and answer the phone, “what’s up ho?” and not be offended.

    So, you going to work some mojo to make the Cowboys win?? Or was that you that caused the other team’s kicker to miss last week….sneaky lady…. I’m on to you!!!!

  3. chattymoon2012 Says:

    So when are you and your Yankee friend gonna take over the world? If this ever happened, I would be right there on the side of the road cheering and saying, “The Goddess Rules!!!!!” PS she sounds like a real hoot. In my books if you live long enough to make it to your 50’s and 60’s, you are more than qualified to drive down the road with the one-finger salute and call everyone “ho”,lol

  4. soonerfan78 Says:

    Oh, I hope the kid doesn’t start masturbating and stuff, tsk tsk, corrupting the moral fiber of our youth….when he stands up and tells Henrietta to go fuck herself with a jackhammer, you will know that it is too late. He will be infected with my disease.

  5. apositivepessimist Says:

    i call my sister a crack whore…funny some of the heads that go swivelling checking what a crack whore looks like.

    ut oh…sooner is gunna be overrun by fifteen year olds.

    bigger ut oh…a silent war huh…*waves money about, head swivelling*…”whose taking bets”

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