going to start working on my mojo bag from my 5,000 spells book…put together a cowboy mojo bag..going to use the leather bag i keep my ben wall balls in and put in little footballs, helmets, horse shoes, 4 leaf clovers, etc…going to mojo them assholes into beating the redskins..and cant believe they are 3 point underdogs..fuck me till i kick an extra point…and while im on football…is anyone as sick as i am of mrs. mcnabb’s campbell soup commercials..running around the side lines of the eagles telling them to eat right, slopping soup in their helmets etc..excuse me bitch..while your feeding them soup..they havent won a game in forfucking ever…dipshit…they may be eating good soup..but they cant play ball for shit…

another reason why i love living in west…filling stations…well, filling station….singular…we actually have a filling station..you can drive up…stay in your car (or go inside and get some great fast food)..and they will put gas in your car, clean windshield, check your oil and put air in your tires…course the gas is 8 cents highter than the rest of the town…but its worth it..when i was really handicapped from the back surguries i would go there so they could do all the stuff for me as i couldnt do it on my own..and it was worth the extra price in the gas to get it done…pretty cool…

victoria principle payed $200,000 to go into space..i would spend $2,000 just to watch it…just to see the g forces push all that collegen out of her lips…when she gets back she will be able to wrap her bottom lip around her neck and use for a warmer…



  1. Babs Says:

    Well, I don’t know if you can pull up video blogs at the library, but I have that Little drummer boy song with Bowie and Bing on my music blog site:

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