Brazilian council backs public bathrooms for transvestites…
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil….
For most people, it’s an easy choice:men’s rom or women’s . A Brazilian city is trying to create an alternative for those who don’t fit easily into either category.
A bill passed by the Nova Iguaca City Council this week would require nightclubs, shopping malls, movie theaters and large resturants to provide a third bathroom for transvestites. The city’s mayor will decide whether to make it a law.
“A lot of lawmakers didn’t want to deal with this issue, but it’s a serious problme in society,” said City Council member Carlos Eduardo Moreia, who sponsered the bill. “It’s a way to put an end to prejudice.”
Mr. Moreira said he got the idea when dozens of transvestites showed up recently for a samba show.”It was a real problem. The women didn’t feel comfortable having them in the ladies room, and the men didn’t want them in their bathroom either,” he said.
Mr. Moreira said there are nearly 28,000 transvestites in Nova Iguaca, a city of about 8000,000 on the outskirts of Rio de Janerio.
The issue has divided gay groups. Some feared it could segerate gays, while others said the bill addresed a real problem in the gay community.
Brazil is generally more tolerant of homosexualilty than other Latin American countries, but discrimination still exists..

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