Last thursday when I left library i went to the store and bought some groceries, so by the time I got home it was way dark and I had forgot to leave porch light on…but there was a huge fat Texas moon so had enough light to see by to make the porch without killing myself..and on the porch there was a light swatch of white so thought it was rocky waiting for me..when i walked by i kind of reached down and swipped at him and said “hey rocky road, what’s up”..and there was no resistance when I touched first thought was..”fuck..the cats dead”…dropped the sacks right on the porch, ran in the house and flipped the porch light on and ran back outside and there he was dead on the porch…no…not Rocky…but a squirrel…Rock’s little love gift for is this dead squirrel on his back all stretched out and no head…i swear he arranged it to look the most ghoulish…little fucker…so after wrapping it up in paper towels and tossing it in the garbage can and washing my hands for about 30 minutes i took my groceries in and made a kick ass stew…put lots of veggies in and canned green jalopenas and green enchalada sauce..put lots of stew meat too..really burned out on turkey..although i confess to buying a small one so i can make turkey sandwiches…
checked out 700 sundays by billy christal…man that was such a wonderful book…i wish i had his life…only aobut 182 pages so can read it in a few hours..its a have to read it…so great..laughed til i cried and cried til i so..good…


2 Responses to “RUDE HOMECOMING”

  1. apositivepessimist Says:

    so was it the squirrel that made ya think of making the stew jackiesue? or perhaps rocky was supplying fer his share of the stew? his a good cat.

  2. Clance' McClannahan Says:

    I had to go back and RE-read that at first because I thought you said you washed it(the squirrel) for about 30 minutes and then made a stew. Thought yuk…then I thought well naybe it’s a Texas thing…I am glad it wasn’t Rocky. Our 17 year cat brings us lovley dinner’s home too.
    Why do they (cats) always leave them headless? I wonder if they, in a cat-kinda way, think they are not only providing for us, but cleaning and prepping it for the table…

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